Inc - NSW Conditional Registration Scheme Information.

Club registration is open to all club members, as per the club rules. To apply for club rego you must have a minimum of 50 posts in the message forum and at least 6 months club membership - OR - Have attended 2 club runs and at least 6 months club membership. The Committee retains the right to review this criteria, and there is a $60.00 Plate Fee per year, payable to the club.

The club will require the following from applicants:

  • At least 5 good quality pictures of the car, including one of the engine and one of the interior trim
  • Proof of current comprehensive insurance
  • Current pink slip (Safety Check Inspection Report from a NSW Authorised RTA inspection station )
  • Chassis number, body number, and engine number.

Any modifications to the vehicle will void your insurance policy, and any breach of the rules will result in immediate notification to the RTA and the Police, as well as any other relevant authorities. The club rules for NSW Conditional Registration are provided below. Inc Club Rules for NSW Conditional Registration Scheme.

Part 1 - Eligibility

1.1. The NSW Conditional Registration Scheme for Historic vehicles only applies to financial members and NSW residents.
1.2. All Vehicles must be a minimum of 30 years old, the onus of proof of age shall be with the applicant for Club Plates. However the final arbitrator shall be the Club Committee.
1.3. Vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts and turn indicators or period accessories and options, if desired.
1.4. Plate applications are open to any financial Member.
1.5. All applicants for Club Plates shall be handed a copy of these Regulations and Rules.
1.6. Authorised RTA inspectors are the only Persons authorised to certify Vehicles roadworthy under these regulations.

Part 2 - Club Events

2.1. Vehicles covered by Veteran and Vintage Motor Vehicle Permits shall only be used for Club events, except as set out in Part 3 - Servicing of Club Vehicles.
2.2. Club events shall be : -

2.2.1. Events as set out on the Club events calendar.
2.2.2. Events conducted by the Council of Veteran, Vintage and thoroughbred Motor Clubs or affiliated Car Clubs to which an official written invitation has been received by the Club.
2.2.3. Events conducted by the NSW Automotive Museum Association to which an official invitation has been received by the Club.
2.2.4. Any publicly accessible event or meeting, or any meeting that is visible by the Clubs Club Plate Coordinator, or listed on the Club internet site, is an event posted into the Clubs calendar, and therefore eligible for allowance of participation by Members with Club Plated Cars, subsequent to those Members contacting the Club Plate Coordinator for an authorisation number.

Part 3 - Servicing of Vehicles

3.1. Please note that all movements of the Club Vehicles must be recorded in the official minutes or a day book held by the Secretary or Registrar of the Club.
3.2. Journeys necessary for the servicing or road testing of Vehicles may only be up to ten miles (16 kms) from the notified garaging place of the said Vehicle by the shortest possible route and are permitted at any time, but the movement of the vehicle must be recorded.

3.2.1. Any longer runs necessary for the servicing of Vehicles may only be made after receiving permission from the Roads and Traffic Authorities as per their Rules and Regulations. This permission must be properly recorded in the Club Records by the person approving the movement with full details of time, place and reason.
3.2.2. Service runs for road testing a Vehicle after extensive work must not exceed 20 miles (32 kms) radius of the point of garaging. Permission to be obtained as above, in section 3.2.1.

Part 4 - Responsibility of Permit Holders

4.1. All enquiries must be directed to the Plates Registrar. Individual approaches to the Roads and Traffic Authority are not permitted. Plates are issued to a Member of the Club and are not transferable.
4.2. Plates must be immediately returned to the Roads and Traffic Authority : -

4.2.1. In the event of the sale of the Vehicle on which they are issued.
4.2.2. Upon the Member's resignation from the Club
4.2.3. Upon the Member's failure to remain a financial Member within the meaning of the Constitution of the Club or on failure to pay any levy that may be constitutionally approved by a duly constituted Club meeting.
4.2.4. At the directive of a Club Committee decision.
4.2.5. If the Club considers the Vehicle has been made unsafe or altered after it has been inspected.

4.3. Club Plates are issued in belief that the Member's prime intended use is for Club outings. The Committee retains the right to reconsider eligibility for issue or renewal should this cease to be the case or if the Vehicle does not attend Club outings during the year without good cause.
4.4. NOTE: Failure to return Roads and Traffic Authority issued Historic Plates will result in immediate notification to the relevant authorities that an unregistered Vehicle is being used from your Address.

Part 5 - Annual Vehicle Inspection

5.1. All Vehicles must undergo an annual inspection by an Authorised RTA inspection station and obtain a Safety check inspection report (Pink Slip), as evidence that the Vehicle is roadworthy. All Vehicles must adhere to Road and Traffic Authority's Rules and Regulations for the registration of unregistered vehicles.
5.2. Moneys payable for Veteran and Vintage Motor Permits shall be paid on or before the annual registration date to the Roads and Traffic Authority.
5.3. Chassis, body and engine numbers will form part of the identification of a vehicle issued with Club Plates - any change must be notified in writing to the Club Plate Registrar.

Part 6 - Insurance Requirements

6.1. A minimum Insurance cover of Comprehensive Insurance is required. Proof of cover must be provided to the Club Registrar before Veteran and Vintage Motor Vehicle Permits will be issued.

Last updated November 25, 2002.